Hi. I'm Dustin Sypher. I am TallGrass Forge.

I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to create design work that makes its way into homes and businesses, gardens, and other public spaces such as lobbies, and meeting spaces across the state of Kansas and in other regions in the U.S. Creating railings, unique fireplace additions and tools,  hand-forged furniture and other home décor such as pot racks, coat hangers, lighting, tables, and other pieces is an inspiring process that builds relationships and adds to the quality of life of those who commission me to do ironwork.

I join different elements of the blacksmithing craft together, including joinery, rivets, collars, tenon and mortise, and other age-old practices in the craft. It is important that these and modern techniques are carefully adhered to so that every piece made has structural integrity. The integration of my artistic vision and utilitarian purpose coming together for the purpose of symmetry and balance is incorporated in every project that I craft. It gives me pleasure to know that the designs I create will be appreciated not only in the individual who commissions me to design for them or who buys work from me but will also be appreciated for generations to come.

In the years since I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Kansas in Sculpture, I have continuously and steadily worked toward my dream of working in the arts through the medium of steel and iron using old blacksmithing methods.
In the spring of 2004, I studied under Frank Turley in Santa Fe, NM. Shortly after that, I went to a Master Blacksmithing class in the Aspen Valley, in Carbondale, CO. This led to a job working on homes in the Aspen Valley. After working there for some time, I returned home to Kansas to pursue blacksmithing, design, and creating home and business decor.
I was approached to do railings and a fence out of found objects for individuals and organizations, including Wichita Botanica. I continue to work with both found objects and traditional forging methods to make pieces for private, public, and gallery settings.
I enjoy the processes of fabricating, forging, and sculpting with emphasis in design details. I would like to contribute to the preservation of a lost art—forging metal. Everywhere I go, I see the necessity and practicality of art and design, and I have a strong desire to extend appreciation for the fundamental importance of the arts.

- Dustin


The University of Kansas

B.F.A. Fine Arts/Sculpture, 1999
Hollander Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Dean’s List/ Honor Student

Lawrence, KS

Turley Forge and Blacksmithing School, 2004

Santa Fe, NM